Perfect Popcorn

4 Oct

When nearly every packet snack is an “untouchable”, home popped corn is definitely a “go to” snack.  I used to have butter popcorn down to an art, but that obviously doesn’t work for dairy free tummies.  Dad-of-the-tummies started popping it in peanut oil, which he actually prefers now, but I encountered one problem…. getting the salt to stick.

When the salt is added at the start it doesn’t stick to the popcorn like it does with butter, it just stays on the pot.  When salt is added after the popcorn is popped it sticks to the corn, but it also leaves a pile of salt in the bottom of the bowl.  I had been going with the less-than-perfect salted after method, when it occurred to me there is another option.

  1. Squirt a bit of peanut oil in the bottom of a pot.  (I pop a fairly large amount and I use probably 2 Tb.)
  2. Add popping kernels. (I use a cup, it makes heaps, you want a BIG pot for that amount.)
  3. Use a medium heat – make sure to have a lid on the pot, glass lids are lots of fun for kids to watch.
  4. Once it starts popping shake the pot every now and then to move the unpopped kernels to the bottom.
  5. Once there is a decent layer of popped corn, enough of a layer that the corn is not bouncing around and hitting the lid anymore, take the lid off and add salt, then return the lid to keep the pot hot.

    Still popping, with the lid off.

  6. Shake the salt around, keep moving the unpopped kernels down periodically.
  7. Once the popping sounds have stopped tip it in to a bowl straight away.

And that is the secret to perfect DAIRY FREE, home popped in a pot, SALTED popcorn!


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