Making a plain meal fun.

7 Oct

Every now and then one of the Bottomless Tummies will ask for a themed day.  Our most recent one was a “backwards day” where we ate the evening meal for breakfast, then porridge at lunch time, dessert for an afternoon snack, and lunch at the end of the day.  Those were all normal meals, but they are meals that are living in their memories as awesome.

Bottomless Tummy One (9 years) has asked for a finger food day, which I’m planning on doing this weekend.

I haven’t thought yet about what to do for breakfast and lunch, but I’m going to get the kids to make truffles for dessert (I should have a recipe up next week), and the crowning moment of the day will be my plainest made-out-of-a-packet-ist meal that I ever make.

Spaghetti Bolognese.

On finger food day.

‘Cause I’m awesome like that.

Turning “Brown meat, dump a jar of sauce on it, and boil spaghetti” in to “Man, Mum was crazy” memories Works for Me!

More “Works for Me Wednesday” here.


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