10 Ice cream Flavours

11 Oct

The base recipe for Whole Foods Ice cream is here.

1.  Good old vanilla.  Add a splash of essence and stir it through.

2.  Chocolate of course.

3.  You can’t go wrong with maple and walnut.

Do keep reading, the more adventurous ones are coming. 😉

4.  Berry and chocolate. Swirl fruit coulis and chocolate ganache through.  To make ganache melt 100g chocolate in 100ml cream.  Using ganache stops the frozen chocolate from going hard enough to break your teeth.

5.  Peanut Brittle.  I just went looking for the recipe and realised I haven’t posted it yet.  Keep watching, I’ll do it soon.  (Nag me if I don’t.)

6. Caramel Swirl.  Good on its own, or combined with a ganache swirl.  Recipe here.

7. Coffee.  Stir instant coffee in to the cream before whipping it.  I don’t remember now how much I used, but I don’t drink coffee so you probably want to do it to taste rather than copying me!

8.  Licorice. (To meet all our requirements we use Orgran Molasses Licorice).  Before starting chop a bunch of licorice in to little pieces, then soak it in a couple hundred mls of the cream.  After doing the eggs and honey, whip the rest of the cream, then add in the licorice cream (the licorice soaks the cream up so it should be thickened and not need whipping).  Combine them according to the ice cream recipe.

9.  Lemon Curd.  This is divine.  (Recipe for whole food lemon curd is in the works.)

10.  If you happen to be entertaining a Gruffalo there is, of course, Owl Ice cream.

(That’s just lightly chocolate flavoured ice cream, with a darker chocolate ice cream spooned on to it.  If you wanted to be all fancy-like you could probably use a piping bag to make it tidier, but the kids recognised it as is.)

Editing to add this to the Top Ten’s at ohamanda.


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