Breakfast ‘Round Here

15 Oct

The 4 Moms are talking about breakfast today so I thought I’d join in.

We have three standards:

Muesli (basically the same as granola for anyone in the US).  There really is no recipe for it, we throw in whatever grains, nuts, seeds, dried fruit we feel like, then guess on an amount of oil and sweetener (honey or maple), adding other flavours if we feel like it (vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, the sky is the limit….. well, actually the five Bottomless Tummies “can’t have”s AND the sophistication level of their palates is the limit, but that doesn’t have the same ring to it), then we throw it in the oven on as low as it will go, then get distracted, then suddenly remember and hope it’s not burnt.  We’ve never had a total fail, so give it a shot!

Porridge (oatmeal for those speaking the other English ;-)). For every cup of oats you want 2.5 cups of cold water, and a dash of salt (I think the packets say 1/8 tsp, but I just guess).  Bring to the boil, then turn element down and stir, stir, stir, until it looks how you like it.  Easy Peasy (that probably doesn’t translate well to Other English, never mind).  The general directions say a serve is 1/2 cup raw oats.  For myself and Bottomless Tummies 1,3,4&5 (aged 9, nearly 5, nearly 3, and 13 months) I use 1 & 3/4 cups.

Toast. Topped with hummus (if I ever remember to make it), peanut butter, avocado, jam/jelly, honey…. not all at the same time of course.  Grill it in the oven if it seems a hassle toasting only a few slices at a time.

Other not-so-everday options are:

Breakfast in a cup, it looks like chocolate but it’s not.  Win!

Pancakes, but this is usually Dad-of-the-Tummies domain for a weekend treat, and he’s even worse about using recipes than I am.

And for a very rare treat we have a fruit dessert, either a fruit crumble or a fruity cake, but not Fruit Cake because I don’t like it, and it’s not exactly a quick spur of the moment item either.

Oh, and how could I leave out the one thing I make every single day (unless Dad-of-the-Tummies makes it, but SOMEone makes it every day)….. BT2’s breakfast.  Measure 6 dessertspoons of rolled oats in to a breakfast bowl, cover with boiling water, wait ’till it’s warm and disgusting, mash a banana in to it to make it cold and disgustinger, voila!  Now, for BT2 this is fine because he needs his food mashed, but I’ll tell you a disgusting secret….. the other kids like it too.  I’m not sure what went wrong with our breeding, but there you have it.


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