Egg Spread

24 Oct

I’m still stuck on egg recipes while our hens are behaving themselves.

Hard boil as many eggs as you want, this time I used six, but only three of the Bottomless Tummies (aged 9, 4 & 2) and myself ate it so there was extra for the fridge.  (Boil water for ten minutes to get yolks hard, then run under cold tap to cool.)

While they’re boiling chop half an onion very finely.  Chives, spring onions/scallions etc are nice too.

Once the eggs are cooled and peeled, mash them with a fork.  Add in the onion and some seasoning.  This time I used a tsp of dijon to give it taste without bite, and salt to taste.

Then to hold it all together add a splash of milk or mayo.  I generally use milk, but if I needed it dairy free I would use mayonnaise.  I know “splash” is really unhelpful!  I didn’t measure, but I would say it was maybe 1/8 cup, is that more helpful?

Check the taste, then slap it on some bread, and enjoy!


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