Weekly Wrap Up – Christmas Week

24 Dec

I’m not planning on doing a day by day in these wrap up posts usually, but this week pretty much everything will revolve around food!

Monday – I made a peanut brittle for gifting to neighbours.  I left the butter out of it for the first time, and it worked, yay!  I had always wondered if it was necessary, now I know.  I grated 2kg of spuds in the blender, then rinsed some of the starch off them in a colander, then lay them out on oven trays and chucked them in the freezer.  We just had leftovers turned in to stir fry for dinner.  Monday night Dad-of-the-Tummies decided to make a coconut ice, but he botched it, then redeemed it, so no recipe for that.  It turned out fine, but you probably don’t want to follow all the trying to rescue it steps he took!

Tuesday – Bottomless Tummy 1 made the KFC seasoning.  I got the frozen spuds in to a bag.  Dinner was stir fry vegetables, rice and scrambled egg (just the egg, no added milk).

Wednesday – The sweets for our neighbours were wrapped – I went with peanut brittle, oat slice I have a recipe drafted for that, I just need to measure the dish I cook it in), and coconut ice.  I had made a fudge last week, but it was on the softer side and I thought it might get squished in the parcels, so I decided to leave it out.

I popped potato wedges in the oven for lunch – Scrub and cut potatoes while oven is heating to 200c/400f.  Splosh a bit of oil and salt on them, then bake for about 45 minutes.

Then we ran some errands.  I had planned to have dinner ready before leaving, but it just didn’t happen.  Another emergency meal!  I boiled a chopped onion, some gluten free spiral pasta, and a diced carrot, while I assembled raw salad ingredients.  When the cooked stuff was drained a added a dollop of mayonnaise, stirred it all together and called it good.

Thursday – I soaked some navy beans (bring them to boil for a couple of minutes, then leave them in that water for an hour….. if you’re not organised enough to soak them over night.  That’s what I’ve been told by other people who are disorganised anyway ;-)), then boiled them up with onion, salt, celery, beef, and at the end potato.  Dad-of-the-Tummies came home from work with heaps of lettuce from a co-workers garden, so I threw a big salad together.   The two combined were enough for dinner on Thursday and Friday.  The Christmas prep for the day was getting some ginger beer brewing.

Friday (Christmas Eve) – I cut 6 chicken breasts in to strips, then coated them in the KFC seasoning and cooked them.  Next up was a pavlova.  Then I made a fool (will do a recipe for that sometime soon, hopefully).  I got a coleslaw ready, then cut a pile of potato wedges and put them in water to stop them browning, then I cut a pile more potatoes and kumara and carrot and put THEM in water.  Last of all I (will be) putting a breakfast casserole in the crockpot.  I’ve never tried one before so I’m hoping it will work!

And what did we actually eat?  Porridge for breakfast, peanut butter and jam for lunch, and deja vu for dinner.

Saturday (Christmas Day) – The plan is to eat the breakfast at home, then after chilling together I’ll pop the wedges in the oven.  The wedges, chicken strips, and fool are for lunch with the in-laws.  Before we leave I’ll put a couple of hens in the oven to cook slowly for us and some of my family.  When we get back from lunch I’ll throw the other waiting vegetables in the oven, make a gravy, and the coleslaw will round out the meal.  For dessert I already have some chocolate mint ice cream in the freezer, we will cream the pavlova and add strawberries and blueberries to it.  My Mum is bringing an all-diet-needs-friendly Christmas Pudding, so I will make a custard to go with that.  And we will probably have a fruit salad too.

Sunday – On Sunday I plan on being tired. 😉


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