Brushing off the Spiderwebs…

11 Feb

It’s got a bit dusty in here!  Life got in the way of keeping the blog up for a while, but I’ll try to get back in to it.

In the meantime here is at least something I PLAN to make…

Have you seen these gorgeous muffins/cupcakes with hearts inside them?  I want to whip some up for Valentines day, but of course there are the food issues to work around.  I’ve decided to try it with this batter to make white hearts, then my fail proof cake to make chocolate muffins. (Yes, it works for muffins too.  I did tell you it was fail proof!)

If the hearts stay inside the cookie like they’re supposed to I’ll make some mock cream (which I think is buttercream?) and colour it with strawberry jam.  BT2 won’t mind if I skip the icing on his and make it with real butter.  If the hearts float up like some of the comments say I will melt chocolate and drizzle it over.

I think they’ll be lots of fun!


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