Weekly Wrap Up

14 Feb

Hmmm, let’s see now….

On Tuesday we ate dinner at the beach.  I coated chicken nibbles in the KFC-esque seasoning, made mashed potato and gravy, and made coleslaw (cabbage, carrot, onion, mayo).

One day Dad-of-the-Tummies decided to make lunch for everyone, even though he had eaten, and even though everyone was calm/not falling apart.  He made gluten free wraps which we filled with avocado, mayonnaise, beetroot pickle (store bought), capsicum, tomato, finely shredded cabbage, cheese, and a little tuna (because BT1 (9 years) heard wrong when he asked her to open a tin of salmon).  They were delicious, but he doesn’t do recipes.  I’m pretty sure it was just an all purpose flour mix, with a bit of oil, and water (which is what I would use) but I have no idea what quantities he used.

Fresh pineapple has been the snacky highlight of the week, though BT4 (3 years) didn’t think it was so flash when he ate so much it bothered his lips!

On Saturday I fed the kids watermelon, celery and peanut butter, dried dates and apricots, and popcorn for lunch.  If I just handed them that stuff they would complain and say it was only a snack, but as soon as I put it on a plate they are satisfied.  Weird, but whatever.


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