Ten Things that keep me from blogging.

31 Aug

Uh, it’s been a while, eh?  Life has been pretty wild this year, but I’m determined to post SOMEthing (anything!) this week.  Excluding this post of course, I mean something that actually pertains to food. 🙂

Ten Things…….

  1. Summer busy-ness
  2. A miscarriage
  3. Not healing
  4. Finding out it had actually been ectopic.
  5. Finally feeling better then having a REALLY busy month.
  6. Procrastinating.
  7. Trying to get routines back in place after life settles down.
  8. Bottomless Tummy 2 being hospitalised with pneumonia.
  9. Not being very good at number 7.
  10. Only thinking of nine reasons.
There!  Now that that’s out of the way I only have number six to contend with, so I’ll see you some time this week!
(For more Top Ten’s (and more substance) check out OhAmanda.)

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