Why am I Here?

(Update: October 2010)

I’m a Mum of five and spend a large portion of my day trying to keep bottomless tummies filled.

My husband has a few foods he needs to be careful with, but nothing he avoids completely.  Bottomless Tummy One is nine years old, she (and myself) can not eat any artificial additives, that’s no colour, no preservatives, no antioxidants, no flavour, unless of course they are natural.  Our seven year old, Bottomless Tummy Two, can’t eat dairy and flat out refuses to eat gluten, he also needs his foods mashed ,and doesn’t eat acidic or spicy foods (though he would love to have the spicy ones) for a health issue we are trying to sort out.  BT3 is four, she doesn’t tolerate gluten, seems to be outgrowing a need to limit egg, and gets crazy sick if she eats any pork products.  Two year old BT4 doesn’t eat gluten, and BT5 is in the middle of trials.  She is one year old, and at this point I’m thinking she is okay with dairy, but not with gluten.

Sometimes I even manage to cater for all of that at once!

We also try to eat a large portion of whole foods, but eat an occasional bad (yet oh so good) food.


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