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8 Oct

Our hens are laying way more than we can keep up with at the moment, so as well as giving lots of eggs away I am using the opportunity to perfect eggy recipes.

First up is mayonnaise because I have had mayo-making issues in the past!  I also want to get the hang of it, because summer is fast approaching.  We love to eat a lot of salad, but it seems easier for little jaws to deal with if there are condiments involved.

In theory you can get about 500mls of oil in to one egg yolk, but I never can.  I don’t know if it’s my eggs or the oil or just me, but my mayonnaise always fails if I try to put more than half that amount of oil in.

Anyway, here’s what I do:

Separate an egg (keep the white, it can go in the fridge for another day), place the yolk in a bowl, add a capful of vinegar, a little mustard and salt (and pepper if you want).  Whisk.  When it’s looking nice and fluffy start drizzling the oil in slowly.  Very slowly.  So-slowly-it’s-ridiculous kind of speed.  Whisk, whisk, then whisk some more.

In theory once all the oil is in you can skip to the end step.  But if you’re aything like me you will need this intermediate step….

Oh no, I’m nearly finished and it’s starting to separate!!  Stop.  Don’t add any more oil to that one, but don’t tip it down the drain either.  In another bowl place another egg yolk and capful of vinegar.  Whisk again.  Once it’s looking fluffy slowly drizzle the remainder of your oil, then add the separated stuff a bit at a time.  This can be added faster than oil because it’s already mostly done.  Once you have it all combined you can continue to…..

Final step – Stir a tablespoon of boiling water through it (this is supposed to keep it from separating).  Thin (with vinegar or water) if needed, and adjust to taste.

There you have it – mayonnaise for your coleslaw.

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