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Hassleback Potatoes

6 Sep

When I was having a look around at recipes, they are traditionally made with butter and breadcrumbs, so I decided to see what I could come up with.

Turn the oven on hot – 220c/430f

I used six potatoes.  First of all you want to slice the scrubbed spuds almost all the way through, at distances of a few mls.  The slices won’t necessarily spread at this point, it might happen during cooking.


Place the spuds in whatever baking dish you will use.

Next I crushed four cloves of garlic, mixed it with about 4 Tbs olive oil and 1 tsp salt (I totally forgot to measure), and spooned that over the top of the potatoes before putting them in the oven.  Bake for about an hour, and you are all done.   The sky is the limit with what you use as a topping, I definitely plan on making these again and mixing it up with the flavours. 🙂

My one caution would be, if you’re wanting a fancy looking dinner, don’t do these if it’s your first time.  I got a couple that looked right, but cut right through in a couple of places, and didn’t cut deep enough in others.  They were yummy for the family, but if I was doing them to impress others I would’ve gone through several more potatoes!




F is for FAIL

3 Dec

Well, lets see now…..

We were sadly lacking in groceries, yet I managed to make fritters with cabbage, potato and onion (with gf flour, eggs, and coconut cream). Everyone ate them in front of a DVD and thought it was a great meal. The next day we did groceries so I made a nice rounded meal. Then the day after that I made an onion soup, and thought I would chuck some cabbage in to bulk it out. Dad-of-the-Tummies sat down to dinner and said, “Cabbage soup. We really are scraping the bottom of the barrel.” Ah, no dear, remember we bought food yesterday. The poor man has childhood baggage when it comes to cabbage soup, and to top it off I was trying to make sure the food was easy for him to eat after a dentist appointment. FAIL!

And there is the whole, actually posting on a food blog thing. FAIL!

I was a bit harried getting ready for Bottomless Tummy 4’s birthday party, but we got through it, then we had a bit of a crazy week, then I realised I was behind getting ready for Bottomless Tummy 3’s birthday party. FAIL!

Oh, and today, I went to bake her cake and discovered I didn’t have enough gluten free flour. FAIL! (Check back in for the cake, it is the best chocolate cake EVAH! I’ve screwed the ingredients up so many times, and switched all sorts of allergens, and it ALWAYS turns out well. It’s like a miracle cake. Well, as long it has flour in it, I did get Dad-of-the-Tummies to grab some flour on the way home from work.)

I know there have been more…..

Oh, I remember. Yesterday I turned the oven on low, started scrubbing spuds, then the phone rang. As soon as I finished the urgent phone call I raced out the door because everyone else was in the van waiting to leave for swimming. It wasn’t until we were getting dressed AFTER swimming that I realised I had left the oven on low with NO FOOD IN IT the whole time. FAIL!

I’m sure I could come up with more, but I might leave a little shred of my dignity in tact.

I’ll just leave you with one handy tip: If you’re taking potato and gravy on a picnic, don’t overfill the gravy. When you place serviettes all around the edge of the lid the gravy will still drip on your shorts. And the serviettes plus gravy combo will end up gluing itself to the bowl for a real classy look. But of course I would never do something like that. 😉

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