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Cheats Gravy

29 Nov

One night last week I needed gravy, but I needed it in a hurry.

I usually make gravy the proper way – thickening the cooking juices (I make sure to have some onion and/or garlic in with the meat to flavour the gravy, for another cheat…. it can be cut up little and thrown in right at the end if you forget to cook it slowly with the meat), adding a little bit of water, stirring, a bit more water, stirring, a little more water, a little more stirring…. the result is great, but it’s not exactly speedy!

I thought what’s the worst that can happen?

Pour the desired amount of water in to the roasting dish (if you want a cup of gravy use a cup of water, and a bit more to allow for evaporation), sit it on the turned-on-high element, and continue to mash potatoes, pack picnic gear, assemble the cornflour*, tell children to be ready five minutes ago, or all of the above.

*For each cup of gravy use 1Tb cornflour, mix it with a little water.

Once the water boils stir it a bit to make sure all the yummy bits have come off the bottom of the dish, then add the cornflour mix, stir, salt to taste, and you’re done!

****A note on cornflour gravies – I leave it a bit runnier than I used to when thickening with wheat flour.  I find a thin gravy consistency works best, while if it’s a thick gravy it tends to go all gluggy after sitting a few minutes.  It doesn’t need to be watery, it just needs to be on the thin side of gravy.



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