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Pumpkin Soup

29 Oct

This one’s going to be tricky (to write, not to cook) because it’s one of those dishes that is always thrown together until it’s “right”.  Having grown up with pumpkin soup I know what “right” is, but I know there are regions where pumpkins are not considered people food, so I’ll attempt to turn it in to a recipe.

I’m guessing I had 1.5kg pumpkin.

Peel and cut the pumpkin and 3 onions, dump them in a pot.  Garlic always goes nicely with pumpkin too, but I had run out, I would add maybe eight cloves to this.  Cover with water.  Salt it. Boil it.  Simmer it.

When you get around to it, puree the cooked vegetables (in a processor, by mashing, or using a stick blender, or you could press it through a sieve but that would be tedious).  It will be looking something like this:

Stir a bit more water in (or cream adds a bit of decadence for dairy eaters) until it looks right. 😉  “Right” is still nice and thick, it’s not a watery soup, but it should be looking smooth.  A little something like this:

Check the salt, add nutmeg to taste.  I discovered my nutmeg was just about run out so I just dumped it in and grabbed the cinnamon…. only to discover it was just about run out so I dumped the whole lot in.  It looked like half a teaspoon of cinnamon, and a teaspoon of nutmeg.

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