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Ten Things that keep me from blogging.

31 Aug

Uh, it’s been a while, eh?  Life has been pretty wild this year, but I’m determined to post SOMEthing (anything!) this week.  Excluding this post of course, I mean something that actually pertains to food. 🙂

Ten Things…….

  1. Summer busy-ness
  2. A miscarriage
  3. Not healing
  4. Finding out it had actually been ectopic.
  5. Finally feeling better then having a REALLY busy month.
  6. Procrastinating.
  7. Trying to get routines back in place after life settles down.
  8. Bottomless Tummy 2 being hospitalised with pneumonia.
  9. Not being very good at number 7.
  10. Only thinking of nine reasons.
There!  Now that that’s out of the way I only have number six to contend with, so I’ll see you some time this week!
(For more Top Ten’s (and more substance) check out OhAmanda.)

Weekly Wrap Up

14 Feb

Hmmm, let’s see now….

On Tuesday we ate dinner at the beach.  I coated chicken nibbles in the KFC-esque seasoning, made mashed potato and gravy, and made coleslaw (cabbage, carrot, onion, mayo).

One day Dad-of-the-Tummies decided to make lunch for everyone, even though he had eaten, and even though everyone was calm/not falling apart.  He made gluten free wraps which we filled with avocado, mayonnaise, beetroot pickle (store bought), capsicum, tomato, finely shredded cabbage, cheese, and a little tuna (because BT1 (9 years) heard wrong when he asked her to open a tin of salmon).  They were delicious, but he doesn’t do recipes.  I’m pretty sure it was just an all purpose flour mix, with a bit of oil, and water (which is what I would use) but I have no idea what quantities he used.

Fresh pineapple has been the snacky highlight of the week, though BT4 (3 years) didn’t think it was so flash when he ate so much it bothered his lips!

On Saturday I fed the kids watermelon, celery and peanut butter, dried dates and apricots, and popcorn for lunch.  If I just handed them that stuff they would complain and say it was only a snack, but as soon as I put it on a plate they are satisfied.  Weird, but whatever.

Brushing off the Spiderwebs…

11 Feb

It’s got a bit dusty in here!  Life got in the way of keeping the blog up for a while, but I’ll try to get back in to it.

In the meantime here is at least something I PLAN to make…

Have you seen these gorgeous muffins/cupcakes with hearts inside them?  I want to whip some up for Valentines day, but of course there are the food issues to work around.  I’ve decided to try it with this batter to make white hearts, then my fail proof cake to make chocolate muffins. (Yes, it works for muffins too.  I did tell you it was fail proof!)

If the hearts stay inside the cookie like they’re supposed to I’ll make some mock cream (which I think is buttercream?) and colour it with strawberry jam.  BT2 won’t mind if I skip the icing on his and make it with real butter.  If the hearts float up like some of the comments say I will melt chocolate and drizzle it over.

I think they’ll be lots of fun!

Weekly Wrap Up – Christmas Week

24 Dec

I’m not planning on doing a day by day in these wrap up posts usually, but this week pretty much everything will revolve around food!

Monday – I made a peanut brittle for gifting to neighbours.  I left the butter out of it for the first time, and it worked, yay!  I had always wondered if it was necessary, now I know.  I grated 2kg of spuds in the blender, then rinsed some of the starch off them in a colander, then lay them out on oven trays and chucked them in the freezer.  We just had leftovers turned in to stir fry for dinner.  Monday night Dad-of-the-Tummies decided to make a coconut ice, but he botched it, then redeemed it, so no recipe for that.  It turned out fine, but you probably don’t want to follow all the trying to rescue it steps he took!

Tuesday – Bottomless Tummy 1 made the KFC seasoning.  I got the frozen spuds in to a bag.  Dinner was stir fry vegetables, rice and scrambled egg (just the egg, no added milk).

Wednesday – The sweets for our neighbours were wrapped – I went with peanut brittle, oat slice I have a recipe drafted for that, I just need to measure the dish I cook it in), and coconut ice.  I had made a fudge last week, but it was on the softer side and I thought it might get squished in the parcels, so I decided to leave it out.

I popped potato wedges in the oven for lunch – Scrub and cut potatoes while oven is heating to 200c/400f.  Splosh a bit of oil and salt on them, then bake for about 45 minutes.

Then we ran some errands.  I had planned to have dinner ready before leaving, but it just didn’t happen.  Another emergency meal!  I boiled a chopped onion, some gluten free spiral pasta, and a diced carrot, while I assembled raw salad ingredients.  When the cooked stuff was drained a added a dollop of mayonnaise, stirred it all together and called it good.

Thursday – I soaked some navy beans (bring them to boil for a couple of minutes, then leave them in that water for an hour….. if you’re not organised enough to soak them over night.  That’s what I’ve been told by other people who are disorganised anyway ;-)), then boiled them up with onion, salt, celery, beef, and at the end potato.  Dad-of-the-Tummies came home from work with heaps of lettuce from a co-workers garden, so I threw a big salad together.   The two combined were enough for dinner on Thursday and Friday.  The Christmas prep for the day was getting some ginger beer brewing.

Friday (Christmas Eve) – I cut 6 chicken breasts in to strips, then coated them in the KFC seasoning and cooked them.  Next up was a pavlova.  Then I made a fool (will do a recipe for that sometime soon, hopefully).  I got a coleslaw ready, then cut a pile of potato wedges and put them in water to stop them browning, then I cut a pile more potatoes and kumara and carrot and put THEM in water.  Last of all I (will be) putting a breakfast casserole in the crockpot.  I’ve never tried one before so I’m hoping it will work!

And what did we actually eat?  Porridge for breakfast, peanut butter and jam for lunch, and deja vu for dinner.

Saturday (Christmas Day) – The plan is to eat the breakfast at home, then after chilling together I’ll pop the wedges in the oven.  The wedges, chicken strips, and fool are for lunch with the in-laws.  Before we leave I’ll put a couple of hens in the oven to cook slowly for us and some of my family.  When we get back from lunch I’ll throw the other waiting vegetables in the oven, make a gravy, and the coleslaw will round out the meal.  For dessert I already have some chocolate mint ice cream in the freezer, we will cream the pavlova and add strawberries and blueberries to it.  My Mum is bringing an all-diet-needs-friendly Christmas Pudding, so I will make a custard to go with that.  And we will probably have a fruit salad too.

Sunday – On Sunday I plan on being tired. 😉

Weekly Wrap Up

20 Dec



***I went to town to finish up Christmas shopping so Dad-of-the-Tummies watched them all and cooked a yummy dinner.  I came home to lamb chops with onion, baked potato and kumara (sweet potato), celery sticks, and cauliflower in cheese sauce, as well as an onion, tomato and cucumber salad that had marinated in a vinegar, oil and stuff dressing.  He is even worse than I am when it comes to cooking with measured quantities though so no recipe for that.

***When I made Dutch Puff for lunch I just cooked it plain, then let the kids choose which jam they wanted with it.  I had mine with a little salt and pepper, and it was yummy just like that.

***Another night I wanted to cut BT2’s hair, then Dad-of-the-Tummies said we might as well do his hair first.  That was all well and good until the clippers stopped cutting.  We managed to finish DotT’s hair using the old clippers, they still go, they just got really loud and vibratey (hey, new word!) so we replaced them.  By this stage it was later than I had planned, but I checked the clock and figured I had just enough time to stick a faux hawk in BT2’s hair before I needed to cook dinner.  The boy has crazy hair that faux hawks all on its own.  I’ve tried to grow it long enough for the hair to behave, but the hair wins EVERY time.  This time I decided I would just shorten the hawk part a little, then cut the sides properly, the only problem is I put the wrong comb on because I was using the old clippers and got it muddled, then started in the middle.  D’oh!  That’s his normal length…no more hawk.

And I’m starting to think our circuit board is possessed by the devil, or something like that, because we have had the worst year ever when it comes to electrical appliances. Really.  Earlier in the year our laptop cord went all dodgy, it got to the point where it would only charge if we had it on just the right angle, then one morning as I was readjusting the hair tie that was keeping the cord in the right place (classy, I know) I thought to myself, “We better buy a new cord when we go in to town tomorrow so we replace this one BEFORE it putts out completely.”  Then smoke started wisping up from the cord.  And you know what happened a month AFTER we spent $100 on a new computer cord?  The whole computer up and died, that’s what happened.  Another time I was using the cake mixer to whip up some fudge, then I heard a balloon pop.  Then I thought, “Hmmm, balloons don’t usually smell like smoke.  Or create bright lights.”  Funnily enough the cake mixer stopped mixing at the same time the “balloon” popped.  Dad-of-the-Tummies has had issues with a couple of his tools too, but I can’t remember the details of those.  So, here we are using the rattly old clippers, and do you know what’s coming?  I bet you guessed.

The second pair of clippers stopped cutting.  And because I started in the middle of his head I had to cut ALL his hair with scissors.  Now that we’re coming up to six years since his seizures stopped I felt brave enough to cut his hair with scissors.  But he has an amazing amount of hair, it took forever.

Where was I?  Oh yeah, food.  We had spaghetti bolognese made with canned sauce that night.

***I’ve been churning out sweets to give to neighbours for Christmas too.

*** We got to eat out on Friday!  That is very very rare here, but we went out for Tim’s end of year dinner.  The kids menu had roast and vegies, so we figured that would be pretty safe for all of them.  Too bad they all came with gravy on.  I can’t believe I didn’t think of that.  BT3 can handle small amounts of gluten so she was fine, BT4 reacted a little but he wasn’t upset, it was BT1 turning loony from any additives in it that concerned me….. but she’s been fine, yay!



5 Oct

Welcome to my little corner for recording ways we work around our food issues.

Please feel free to leave comments with any questions.  I’m in New Zealand, and terms are often different, so if you don’t understand something just let me know.

I hope you will find something useful here. 🙂

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