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10 Nov

We have a running joke around here…… anything that catches on the pan gets the label “smoked (_fill_in_the_blank_)” and re-classified as gourmet.

But perhaps you’ve gone a step beyond “smoked”.

Never fear!

Name it “char grilled” and your gourmet meal is good to go!

Hey, it works for me.


Making a plain meal fun.

7 Oct

Every now and then one of the Bottomless Tummies will ask for a themed day. ¬†Our most recent one was a “backwards day” where we ate the evening meal for breakfast, then porridge at lunch time, dessert for an afternoon snack, and lunch at the end of the day. ¬†Those were all normal meals, but they are meals that are living in their memories as awesome.

Bottomless Tummy One (9 years) has asked for a finger food day, which I’m planning on doing this weekend.

I haven’t thought yet about what to do for breakfast and lunch, but I’m going to get the kids to make truffles for dessert (I should have a recipe up next week), and the crowning moment of the day will be my plainest made-out-of-a-packet-ist meal that I ever make.

Spaghetti Bolognese.

On finger food day.

‘Cause I’m awesome like that.

Turning “Brown meat, dump a jar of sauce on it, and boil spaghetti” in to “Man, Mum was crazy” memories Works for Me!

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